Rollic Games was purchased by Zynga.

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Zynga purchased Peak Games for $ 1.8 billion in the past months. Zynga, which is looking to Turkish Mobile Game companies, bought another Turkish Mobile Game company this time. Rollic Games, based in Istanbul, was officially sold to the US Zynga for $ 168 million.

Rollic entered the US and world lists with 3 different games in the list of the most downloaded games in the last 3 months and managed to attract the attention of world giants.

Turkish Mobile Game companies are starting to attract more attention from foreign companies due to record sales. Thus it expected to significantly increase in the investments made in Turkey. The fact that Rollic was sold soon after Peak Games is a strong indicator of this.

rollic purchased zynga

Rollic Games, founded by Burak Vardal, was purchased by the firm Zynga from the USA. Many of Rollic’s games were known to be among America’s bestsellers. Turkish Mobile Game company finds itself in the world charts with its hyper-casual mobile games Tangle Master 3D and G Knots 3D.

Nikkei, one of the biggest economy newspapers in the world, recently brought the success of Turkish companies to its headlines. According to the news, it is stated that the interest of foreigners in Turkish companies will increase in the future. Turkish mobile game companies generate 90% of their revenues from other countries.